Working Agreement between Client and Counsellor


This working agreement is to ensure that the client is aware of the conditions of counselling and the therapeutic service offered by the practitioner.
The counsellor is a qualified integrative counsellor and registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP). Counselling will take place at a time and location agreed at the outset, the duration of each session will be 50 minutes unless agreed otherwise.


Confidentiality is taken very seriously, the content of the sessions will remain confidential between the client and the counsellor, but there are some exceptions:

1. During supervision: The counsellor may discuss the content of your session with their supervisor, this is to ensure the safety of both the client and the counsellor. Supervision is conducted within a confidential environment similar to that of counselling.

2. When required to do so by law: The following circumstances require that the counsellor disclose information: Acts of terrorism, drug trafficking or money laundering, harm to oneself or others.

During our first session we will sign a working agreement, and I will ask a few questions in order to complete a client details form. The counsellor may take notes during or after a session, notes are anonymised and stored securely. All material will be afforded data protection in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Case notes and client details will be destroyed 6 years after the client ends therapy.

If the client and counsellor encounter each other outside of the counselling environment, it is the counsellor’s responsibility to maintain confidentiality, therefore the counsellor may not acknowledge the client. This is to preserve confidentiality and avoid the possibility of awkwardness, ensuring session content is not disclosed outside of the counselling environment.


The safety of both the client and counsellor is important, clients are asked to provide a contact in case of emergency and also the contact details of the client’s doctor. A counselling session will be terminated in the event of violence, aggression or abusive behaviour towards the counsellor or others. If necessary, additional safety advice will be provided, specific to the location where counselling is to take place (when working outdoors for example). Counselling sessions will be terminated if the client is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Children & Adolescents

I will, in some cases, share aspects of what is discussed in the sessions with the parents of young/teenage clients, but this will depend on the wishes of the client and on my own views of what is appropriate. When I begin work with Adolescents I will only communicate with the parent(s) if there is a concern or risk.

Outdoor ‘Walk & Talk’ therapy

I also offer ‘Outdoor walk and talk’ sessions, and I will arrange to meet the person at an allocated spot. These session help some people who might find it difficult sitting in a confined room. Additional information is available in relation to work outdoors.

Time keeping

Clients are asked to arrive on time and be prepared to stay the full 50 minutes, sessions will not be allowed to overrun beyond the set time as this may impact on sessions which follow. The counsellor will usually advise the client when there are 5 minutes remaining. If a client arrives late they will not be able to make this time up after their allotted 50 minutes. If the client is 30 minutes late or more, the session will be deemed to be cancelled by the client. Cancellations should be made as soon as possible, no later than 24hours before the start of a session. Cancellations of less than 24 hours of the start of a session will incur the full fee, as will failure to attend. If you miss a session, or if I haven’t heard from you, I may contact you to once with my availability, but clients will not be put on a mailing list or sent marketing material.


Once you have accepted an appointment, a room will be booked and then an invoice raised and emailed to you, payment should be made on receipt of the invoice in order to secure your booking. Bookings where payment has not been received cannot be guaranteed.

50 minute counselling session: £75
50 minute therapy outdoors session: £75

Payments should be made in advance of the session by bank transfer, alternatively, cash or card payment is also possible on the day, if you prefer this option please confirm at the time of booking.

Neither the client nor the counsellor is under any obligation to commit to the undertaking, or provision of services unless mutually agreed. The client may withdraw at any time from therapy.