Therapy Outdoors Information

In addition to our working agreement

When working outdoors there are additional points we need to consider, they are offered with comfort and safety in mind. We can discuss the points further, before or when we meet.

Please come prepared for the climate and terrain by considering comfortable and practical clothing and footwear. Waterproof clothing which will keep you dry, warm, cool, protected from the sun, protected from insects and walking footwear which has a grip (e.g. waterproofed walking boots or shoes).

Other things you may wish to consider for your comfort and safety:

1. Medication – please bring any medication which you may require with you (if you have asthma, diabetes, heart condition, hay fever, etc.)
2. Water, a small bottle of water to prevent dehydration.
3. Sun cream. Sunglasses.
4. Insect repellent.
5. Hat, gloves. Extra layer.
6. Walking pole/s, umbrella or a small mat to sit if you think you may want them.

It is possible we will encounter changing weather conditions, other people, unleashed dogs and other things which are a natural part of being outside. We will discuss how we will handle such things before we set out. Administrative aspects such as scheduling diaries and making payment will be different to indoors work; we can agree how to handle this too.

If you will be parking a vehicle nearby, ensure valuables are not on display and that your vehicle is secure. Finally, let us agree to follow the countryside code by respecting the land, plants, trees, animals and birds and leave no trace of our visit by leaving any litter.