Therapy Online

In addition to our working agreement

This working agreement is to ensure that the client is aware of the conditions of online counselling and the therapeutic service offered by the practitioner. It should be read as an addition to the original contract signed at the start of your therapy.

Online counselling

Online counselling is different from face-to-face counselling in that we are working from 2 locations. It is very important that you ensure you cannot be overheard, and that you have taken precautions not to be disturbed. We may, at times, lose communication, should this occur, the counsellor will endeavour to re-establish a connection. If for whatever reason a connection cannot be established the counsellor will email/text the client to ensure they are safe, and between them arrange to resume the session as soon as possible.

Software and Equipment

There are several software packages I recommend for online counselling ‘Zoom’ or ‘’. Clients may prefer to us an alternative, such as FaceTime or WhatsApp and I am happy to do so, but confidentiality may be less secure when using other platforms. When working online we can never be 100% sure of confidentiality, we must be aware of this risk just like any other risk when working online. Some providers such as Skype, may claim to own the content material which is transmitted over their platforms. Clients need to be aware of this, and the fact that platform providers can change the terms and conditions at short notice.

Time keeping

Clients are asked to be available on time and be prepared to stay online for the full 50 minutes. I will initiate the call, and may text to confirm that you are ready to start just prior to the session. Online sessions can sometimes take a little longer due to certain technicalities, and this will be taken into account during the session.

Problems with Connectivity

We should expect, at some point to lose connection, if this happens I will attempt to reconnect, simply wait for my call. If I am unable to reconnect then I will text you to ask you to try, depending on which platform we are using. Sometimes the fault may be outside of our control, or too time consuming to resolve in the short time frame we have, if this is the case then we may need to reschedule our session.

Working Online with People Under 18 Years of Age

In order for me to work privately with people under the age of 18, I will require consent by a parent or guardian

Counselling via Email

Counselling can also be delivered via email, if this option is chosen it will take the form of a ‘Letter’ style approach, where the counsellor will respond to the clients email within 24 to 48hr period. This allows for a balanced and focused approach rather than ‘chat style’ correspondence.