High Profile Clients

High Profile Clients

Confidentiality is of great importance in counselling, a client’s identity needs to be separated from the content they bring to therapy. Details of a session can be very sensitive and must be anonymised in order to maintain confidentiality and client privacy. This is a standard procedure I have for all my clients, to ensure the content and the person are always separate.

On occasion, I work with high profile clients, actors, musicians, writers, producers, directors and business entrepreneurs. I understand the importance of discretion in the therapeutic process, but also the importance of discretion in relation to identity. If you are a client of high profile, in whatever field, you can be sure that you will not be required to give your name to a receptionist or wait in a public waiting area. I will meet you upon arrival and escort you to the room in which we will work. Alternatively, we can work securely online, your name and contact details will remain separate from the content of the session and your identity will be kept strictly confidential throughout.

On initial contact there is no need to divulge your full name, you won’t be pressured into revealing anything. Counselling is about helping the client in a way that works for the client, after all, you are the expert in yourself, I am there to help you work through what it is you bring to therapy.

Karl Harter.
Therapeutic Counsellor